Benefits of wearing a Rudraksha.
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Benefits of wearing a Rudraksha.

1. Activates a Shield

The primary purpose of wearing ‘Rudraksha’ is safety from negative energy. When a person wears ‘Rudraksha’, it creates a cocoon of aura around that person. This aura acts as a shield and protects him from misfortune. Astrological issues such as 'Graha Dosha' and 'Naga Dosha' are resolved by wearing 'Rudraksha'. Its mighty powers protect a person from the evil eye, residual Karma of the dead and other evil forces. The tradition of wearing 'Rudraksha' is very old and has been popular among sages since eons. As they are vagabonds moving across the country, they carry a divine source of energy within themselves. This robust energy is an outcome of abject meditation, devotion and ‘Rudraksha’. For travelers too 'Rudraksha' is a blessing, as its aura remains vibrant throughout the journey. There is absolutely no artificial involvement in picking a 'Rudraksha'. The beads of an original Mala are handpicked from the falling fruits of the tree. Nature decides its potential to be worn as a Mala or a bracelet.


2. Detects Toxicity

In ancient India, 'Rudraksha' was used for advanced qualitative analysis because scientific mechanism of its Mala has the ability to detect toxic elements. A large group of sages followed Shaivism who formed a habit of using 'Rudraksha'. These sages have been using it as a tester to determine the toxicity in their food as in order to live a spiritual life, determining the toxicity of food and water is essential.

 Even today, you can use a 'Rudraksha' to determine the quality of your food/water. To do so, follow these steps,

  • Put your food/water in a clean vessel.
  • Then, take an original 'Rudraksha Mala' and suspend it over the food. You have to make sure that the string of the Mala has no tension in it.
  • If the 'Rudraksha Mala' revolves in a clockwise direction, the food/water is fit for intake. But, if the movement is anticlockwise, the food/water is unsuitable for consumption.

         Try it out today!

3. Comforts Mentally

There are doctors who recommend wearing a 'Rudraksha Mala' in order to achieve mental stability. It is also beneficial in resolving mental ailments like depression and anxiety. Indo Asian spirituality gives immense importance to the fundamentals of mind. Thus, wearing a 'Rudraksha Mala' helps in channelling the thoughts and emotions in the right direction. 'Rudraksha Mala' is proven to improve focus and concentration in young children, thus, it is also recommended for students as it will help them gain mental stability, which will aid them to achieve success in their academic careers.

The 'Eka Mukhi Rudraksha' is a powerful spiritual tool that has the potential to alter the mood of an individual. It creates strong feelings of isolation that help in overcoming the hurdles of life. We recommend using the 'Eka Mukhi Rudraksha' under the guidance of a spiritual master.

 On the other hand, the '5 Mukhi Rudraksha' is versatile and can be worn by anyone. Short-tempered people are recommended to wear the '5 Mukhi Rudraksha' to settle their nerves.

4. Offers Health Benefits

A large proportion of people wear 'Rudraksha' to cure many physical ailments. The 'Ek Mukhi Rudraksha' is extremely effective in eradicating skin disorders. In ancient India, many derma issues including itching, skin irritation, and wounds were cured with the help of 'Rudraksha' beads. To receive the optimum health benefits, place a 'Panchmukhi Rudraksha' bead in a copper pot filled with water. Soak the 'Rudraksha' bead in water overnight. On the next morning, empty the vessel by drinking the water on an empty stomach. Adding a Tulsi leaf provides extra benefits to your throat. This practice of drinking water is effective in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. In case of skin injuries, prepare a mixture of Tulsi with 'Rudraksha' and apply it to the wounds. To treat arthritis, mix the powder of crushed 'Rudraksha' bead with mustard oil, and apply it on joints. It will solve all the joint-related problems within a week. Moreover, consuming the mixture of 'Rudraksha' bead powder, Tulsi, and honey cures cold and cough.

4. Frquently asked doubts and questions on rudraksha

There are a lot of frequently asked questions/jargons/answers on benefits and usage of rudraksha beads. Please check them.